WPTuber Theme Licenses

General Conditions (applies to all licenses) Unless you have our prior written consent, you must not directly or indirectly license, sub-license, sell or resell or provide for free the Work or offer to do any of these things. All of these things are referred to as Resale. Notwithstanding the restriction on Resale, if you acquire the item on behalf of your client you may recoup from your client the cost of acquiring the Work. If the whole, or part, of the item has been created using materials which are the subject of a GNU General Public License (GPL), your use of the Work (or part Work) is subject to the specific terms of the GPL in place of the foregoing conditions (to the extent the GPL applies).

Regular License You can use the item on a personal project. A personal project is one which is NOT undertaken for a business purpose, but rather a hobby, recreational, educational etc. Such uses are usually attributed to an individual, educational institutions, or non-profit organizations. The item sold is to be used for a unlimited domains.

Extended License You can use the item on commercial or client projects. Commercial is a term used to describe the business market and industries. Any organization that sells a product or service is considered commercial. If you purchase one of our themes for a project on your client’s behalf, this license applies. The item sold is to be used for a unlimited domains.

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